​København V, Vesterbrogade



København V




83 m²

Rooms / Bedrooms



15-7-2019 and 3 years

Rent per month ecl. consumptions


Annual heating cost

Coming soon!

Furnished / Unfurnished





Cool Vesterbro apartment – in a very good condition

Fantastic charming apartment - in the middle of Vesterbrogade, at the bottom of Frederiksberg Allé.

The apartment has a "charming raw / old style" with walls of half-timbered construction and stucco ceiling, but is also newly renovated, with nice new kitchen and nice bathroom with shower and washing machines.

From the entrance of the apartment you turn into the apartment's beautiful kitchen / dining area with a nice worktop in black granite. The living room is openly connected to the kitchen / dining area with 3 steps and an open "open-wall" which gives a very special atmosphere in the apartment. The bedroom is open, in extension of the living room, but can be separated by curtains if desired.

A great home for expat couple or single who want the many possibilities of the city

Vesterbrogade 90

1620 København V

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